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Hand painted Antique Buoy Wind Bell

Hand painted Antique Buoy Wind Bell

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This is an antique buoy bell from the 90s that has been hand painted by me in a mix of acrylic and gouache.  It has a wooden bead on the inside that rings wonderfully against the metal sides.  This piece is heavy, and should be secured somewhere it won't fall on top of anything valuable.  While these can be kept outdoors, I do suggest keeping it in a covered area out of rain fall as the paint can be damaged and would do better in an indoor or enclosed environment like a porch or sun room!  Completed with an electroformed amethyst hexagon hanging from the bottom.


**please note** there are some scuffs on the surface that were like this when found.  

This is made of steel and other mixed metal and is over 30 years old.  Please handle with caution (there are no specific sharp spots but the chain links, especially the one on top, can be a little dangerous.




Any questions please feel free to ask!

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