Caring for your Copper Jewelry

Copper is a magnificent metal to work with and have for jewelry, but like all jewelry it must be maintained and cared for.

If you are unsure if you have any specific allergies to copper or any materials it is best to wear them for a short amount of time and work your way up to wearing it longer to ensure your skin does not react to any of the materials used.  It if your responsibility as the buyer to inform me if you have any specific allergies to any metals or materials before purchasing as I cannot be held liable for each person's specific chemistry.  I am more than happy to answer any questions regarding the materials prior to purchasing.

All of my copper jewelry is coated in protecta clear to slow down the oxidization process of your piece.  However, there is no way to seal copper fully and eventually over time and use the layer will wear off and you may find your copper changing colors or darkening due to your own natural body chemistry and oils.  The best part is, that if it becomes too dark or looks undesirable you can always reshine and recoat your pieces!  This can be done a number of ways though my favorite is to tell my customers to invest in a brass brush to gently shine the copper pieces though you must be careful to avoid scratching or scuffing any crystals.

If you are uncomfortable with shining your pieces on your own, you can always send them back to me for a small reshine/recoat fee and I will gladly do it for you!

All of my pieces are handmade and should be treated as such.  Please avoid submerging your pieces in water or wearing when bathing as it can damage the crystals, and change/alter the copper.  Please refrain from wearing jewelry where you think it may be damaged due to large amounts of activity such as the gym, or even concerts.  Like all jewelry, none of my stuff is indestructible so please wear with care!

If you have any questions or concerns please always feel free to reach out!