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Cultured Opal Crescent Moon Sterling Silver Haunting Necklace

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A gorgeous cultured opal crescent moon (man made opal) with sparkly blue, green, and light orange hues, set in sterling silver with a teeny 3d printed and cast sheet ghost and mushroom accents. The silver on this has been given a heavy patina to bring out all or the details and give this a rustic antiqued look and this comes on 18" of sterling silver chain with a simple clasp.  If you have any questions or concerns about this piece please contact me before purchasing thank you!


**Please note** 

My sterling silver work is far from perfect meaning there are slight imperfections to the piece though it is still totally wearable.  My pieces are still priced accordingly. The imperfections here are as followed:

-scuffs on the back and sides from sawing and sanding.

-slight solder marks around accents and bails

- dark patina spots