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Renascentem: Tourmalinated Quartz Snake and Mushroom Silver Pendant

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**PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING**  At this current moment I don't have any suitable sterling silver chains in stock to pair with these necklaces but they are on the way!  If you would like to have a sterling silver chain instead of the gunmetal finished one please send me a message on instagram (@xtwii) or an email requesting i hold your order until they arrive!

A beautiful A grade Tourmalinated quartz with a golden healer spot, set in a sterling silver setting and adorned with casted branch accents, mushrooms, and a celestial snake print.  This piece has been patinad to bring out some details in the piece, and it comes on 24" of gunmetal finished chain.  There are some slight imperfections to this piece such as a few saw marks on the back and an uneven cut out in the back which can be seen in the photos but if you have any questions or concerns please contact me before purchasing thank you!



I coat all of my copper jewelry in protecta clear before shipping them off to their forever homes. You may notice a slight peeling on the edges of the stones which is just the coating coming off the crystal (not the copper!). Protecta clear will coat your copper for a long time, but will eventually wear off as is the nature with copper jewelry. Your copper jewelry may darken over time with your own natural oils and exposure, but they can always be reshined and recoated! If you need any advice on how to care for your copper jewelry, please contact me and I would be more than happy to help!

All of my jewelry is handmade and should be treated as such. Please refrain from showering with your jewelry on, or taking it where it can be damaged by water. Please do not store in direct sunlight as I use a variety of crystals and minerals in my work, and direct sunlight can sometimes dull the color of these natural materials.

Do you have specific material allergies? Please contact me before purchasing to ensure this jewelry is the right fit for you. I use a variety of different materials, and suggest if this is your first piece from me that you do a test wear first. Wear it for an hour or so the first time around, and gradually increase the time you wear your jewelry to ensure you do not have any specific reactions to copper, brass, patinas ext. Always contact me if you have any questions!