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Prototype*** amber sun and herkimer copper earrings

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This listing is for my prototype of my new design of amber sun's made into earrings!  These were slightly experimental due to how they usually hang as a necklace, and as such they do have some quirks about them.  For starters, while they can hang toward facing, due to the placement of the bail and weight of the quartz, they often turn to the side instead and bend forward.  They are still entirely wearable and may just need a bit of an adjustment from time to time, and since these are prototypes I'm selling them for 173 with the understanding that they are just that.  My amber sun earrings will soon be a new addition to the made to order section and will be listed for 233 a pair so this particular pair is a steal if you don't mind their quirks!  Paired with herkimer wire wraps, and hanging on surgical steel ear hooks.  These are made with copper using a technique known as electroforming and the copper has been darkened with a patina to give it an antiqued look.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me before purchasing thank you!