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Gold Sheen Obsidian Wall Hanging

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A beautiful gold sheen obsidian sphere set in lead free solder (tin, copper, silver alloy) using the tiffany technique.  From the bottom hangs some lace and ribbon details, and a series of wire wrapped pakimer quartz.  Although this one is mobile style, i advise not hanging it where it could fall onto someone easily as the weight and edges could cause damage in the unfortunate event that it falls.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me before purchasing thank you!



While these pieces are intended for Home Decor, please be sure to secure them safely to your wall, and at a place where they will not harm someone.  Because of the nature of the crystals i would recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight to keep the integrity of the materials, and quartz in general can be a bit dangerous when it comes to light.  These are not toys, and should be kept away from children.  Please do not use these as mobiles where people frequent as in the unfortunate event it ever fell, they are heavy enough to cause injury.  They may also have sharper edges due to the nature of the crystals and the solder**