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Gemmy Amethyst Diamonds

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This listing is for ONE gemmy amethyst diamond in your choice of size!  These little gem quality amethyst are great to place around your home or use in a crystal grid and even keep on your person as a personal stone.  The last photo shows the estimated sizes of these next to a US quarter.

Amethyst is most well known for its sobering effect and is said to help with addictions.  It can help stimulate new ideas, enhance our memory, and improve our motivation.  It also acts as a stone of discipline helping us maintain new habits for every day life to achieve our goals and a higher state of being.


**All crystal properties given in listings are up to personal interpretation and I make no claims that you will receive benefits from purchasing specific crystals, or that they will alter your life in any way.  No information given on this site is to be a substitute for medical or psychiatric help.  No crystals purchased on this site are to be used internally or consumed in any matter.**