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Antler Shed Crystal Mobile

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An antler shed hand carved with sun moon and eye imagery and paired with multiple gems such as citrine, smokey citrine, amethyst, and herkimer.  There are a lot of mixed media components to this such as brass eye and sun and moon charms, silver wrapped amethyst and citrine, electroformed amethyst and smokey citrine, and wire wrapped herkimers and amethyst bead.  This piece can hang freely in a space and spins, or it can hang flat against a wall.  In either instance, you should always make sure that wherever this hangs it is out of reach of children and pets, and if it does fall it won't harm anyone.  Because of the small components this is not suitable for children.  You should also take care to make sure it does not hang in direct light as sunlight can dull crystals overtime, and crystals with clarity can pose a fire hazard.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me before purchasing thank you!

Approximate measurements are 26" in length (top of chain to bottom of eye charm with crystals) and 6.5" in width